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The Maven

“Actually, I am not feeling like a customer working with Adstra, I can pick up phone call, talk about the next moves and ask the team for their insightful ideas!

I feel reliable!

Brief introduction

The MAVEN is a local fashion brand with 5 physical stores around Vietnam which aims to expand its business to a bigger playground.

During the breakdown of Covid-19, The MAVEN was soon to put an end for 3/4 of its stores.

Fortunately, Adstra poured all our effort to keep 3 alive and grow the whole business all over again.

How Adstra help

  • Strategize and execute Facebook Ads
  • Optimize ROI and maximize the potential of Ads budget
  • Explore new channels to maximize sales volume
  • Standardize cross-functional operation process ready for the next Scale



ROAS (return-on-ad-spend)


Monthly increase in Sales

Survive during Covid-19

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