Success Stories

Ms. Slim

“A right partner to collaborate with! The team not only shows the strengths in Performance marketing but also dive deep from the top layer of
Business strategies.”

Brief introduction

Been a hard time running a Facebook-based business as a Self-starter cum Mom of newborn, the owner of Ms.Slim met every struggle at the beginning and was exhausted enough to wrap it up.

Luckily, that sad scene did not happen as expected because she met Adstra.

The business is now getting more staff and ready to level to the next stage.

How Adstra help

  • Provide a comprehensive guide of digital branding, marketing and creative approach
  • Strategize and execute Facebook Ads yet unlock and other potential channels
  • Handle its sales
  • Build the right team with training to get the goals



ROAS  at all time


Monthly increase in Revenue


Monthly increase in Customers

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