Success Stories

Mộc Miên Quán

“It is really a mess without Adstra. They act like our internal team to take care and fix every single thing: how to talk to customer online, how to sell more, how to build a lean process, when to open a new website… They walk us along the way!

Brief introduction

As a first-time founder and also new to the F&B industry, Mrs. Lynh has limited experience in digital marketing but a huge passion for Hanoian cuisine.

Before us, Mrs. Lynh was about to sell the business and give up her dream.

How Adstra help

  • Take over the role of Growth Strategist for all Sales & Marketing activities
  • Design business models and put into A/B testing in a record time
  • Figure out the 1st winning segments on Facebook and scale it up
  • Build the booking & delivery website preparing for the next win


1 Months

to make it a profitable business


Monthly increase in Sales

1 New channel for Sales

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At the end of the day, our founders are able to focus on sustainable growth

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